The struggles of being an entrepreneur and the pitfalls of creating a business is real.
Whether you have doubts about starting that new business idea, or trying to disrupt your current businessmodel.

To help you in your growth as an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur, I am sharing my learnings and best practices. What I have experienced and seen, as an innovation and startup-coach and startup-lead.
E.g. at the bigger corporates, like; @INGgroup, @NN, @VGZ.
But also at SME’s and startups, like; @UrbyGo, @FinYesGo and @BierensInvoicingLawyers.

I have led several cross-functional teams, across different geographies, through the process of innovation.
By re(de)fining and following an approach that marries design thinking, lean startup and Agile scrum.

With the motto; “Always up for the next challenge”
I am doing business non-stop. From hands-on grinding in the trenches, to coaching and advising others.
From the earliest start-up, scale-up and SMEs, to coaching and training in larger corporates.

My secret? Creativity mixed with a healthy common sense.